Record TV is the great ambassador of Lusophony!

    In 2022, the largest commercial TV station in the Portuguese language grew and strengthened its brand in the world!

    We continue to be a link across the planet, with a presence in more than 150 countries, on five continents, bringing together the most varied cultures!

    2022 was a year full of great news, with the best television content that kept millions of people company, all over the world! A big, ever-growing family that stays true to our programming!

    In Portugal, Record TV is already one of the most watched generalist channels on cable, with more than 230 thousand viewers.

    With its eyes set both on the future and on the reality of multiplatforms, the channel is increasingly betting on its website and social networks, with the most elaborate strategies, original and exclusive content, and maximum speed in sharing all the new contents!

    In 2023, we promise the same commitment and lots of programming novelties that will leave you glued to the screen! The biggest television premieres for the whole family, with the highest quality and accuracy of the largest Portuguese-speaking commercial channel in the world! Great television premieres, with the creativity and innovation of Record TV DNA!

    With a language without borders and an enormous cultural diversity, we continue to be the right company for every moment of your life! The most different accents united by a single language, which is the perfect bond of this huge family! Record TV Europe!

    We speak the same language!